Why Choose Parallel?


We don't have executives, business development, or administrative staff, so clients pay for our work, not our overhead. Our lean structure allows us to keep rates low and ensure that every dollar billed goes directly to the project team or to tools that improve our process.


Our diverse background allows us to approach problems from different perspectives and find the most effective way to develop your technology. We have worked in a variety of fields from biotech, to consumer products, to industrial equipment and can apply the best techniques from each discipline.


We don't need to take on massive programs to keep our company operating, so we are free to take on small projects that other design groups wouldn't even consider. Whether you only need to overcome one technical hurdle, or you need to go through the entire development cycle, we can adjust the project scope to fit your needs.


Making is an essential part of our process, and our workshop is equipped with the tools we need to prototype quickly. The ability to build and test components in-house allows us to speed up development and reduce cost. If we can't make a part ourselves, we'll use our network of quick-turn vendors to produce it for us.

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