It’s hard to describe a normal project at Parallel, because there is no normal for us. Some of our projects explore the ocean, others go up to space, some are one-off pieces of equipment, and others are high volume consumer products. Despite the differences, they all involve taking a mechanical idea from a concept to a real, tangible result. 

Electrona - Submersible Development

Parallel provided industrial, mechanical, and electrical design expertise for Electrona’s first line of remotely controlled submersibles. Our main contributions included design and engineering of the plastic chassis and the pressure-tight electronics enclosure.

Design challenges

  • High pressure, corrosive, and rugged use environment
  • Modular accessory system
  • Tight space constraints
  • Hydrodynamic considerations
  • Low cost of goods target

Skills used

  • Product form concept generation
  • System layout for propulsion, electronics, cable routing, and accessories
  • 3D CAD model of entire vehicle
  • Stress calculations via Finite Element Analysis
  • Printed circuit board design and layout
  • Design for many manufacturing processes including cast aluminum, cast urethane, bent sheet metal, waterjet cutting, machining, and injection molding.

TEAM Textiles - Loom Retrofit

Parallel designed a custom pneumatic motion system for a proprietary weaving process at TEAM, a textile engineering and manufacturing group that works with high performance fibers for the composites industry. 

Design challenges

  • Matching existing machine infrastructure
  • Tight space requirements
  • Abrasive and conductive environmental conditions
  • Dynamic moving parts

Skills used

  • Pneumatic system design
  • In-house 3D printed and machined components
  • 3D CAD of retrofit system
  • Field install and testing

Link - Product Development and Production

The Link Framepack is a collapsible bike bag designed, developed, and produced right here at Parallel. We are avid believers in bicycling as a form of urban transportation and hope the Framepack will make biking just a bit more practical for everyday life.

Progress to date

  • Product conception
  • Built and tested Alpha prototypes
  • Filed utility patent with USPTO
  • Set up semi-automated manufacturing line in-house
  • Built pilot batch of production units
  • Completed product photography and brand copy

What's next?

  • Launch the web store
  • Release the pilot run of Framepacks!

Proprietary projects

Due to the nature of technology development, most of our clients and projects are still confidential. We will update this page as they become public.

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